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Together we can make a difference!

State dollars don’t adequately fund the Aspen School District.  By contributing to AEF’s annual fund, you support educational excellence at our schools.

Don’t let our lack of state funding drive the opportunities for our students!

Your spring gifts will support the following programs:

Outdoor Education/Experiential Education
International Baccalaureate Program
College Counseling

Designate funds to your program of choice, contribute to multiple or simply donate to the general annual fund in support of all the programs. 

Join us in the commitment to outstanding education!  Contribute by May 5th to reach our goal of $50,000 per program. 

No gift is too small. No gift is too big.

Fundraising ideas for schools, churches, and youth sports teams

Programs to Fund

Help us reach our goal of raising $50,000 for each program by May 5th!


Adam and Mary Cherry

Agnete Joseph

Ali and David Phillips

Allison Miller

Amy Riley

Angela Sherwin

Angeles Torres and Peter Anzalone

Anna Cheyne

Anne Marie McPhee

Anne Teague

April Holmbeck Whitham

Audrey Ellis

Bari and Ken Ramberg

Brooke and Seth DelGrasso

Camilla Earl

Carrie McKenzie-Milton

Congdon Family Fund of The Denver Foundation

Chonnie and Paul Jacobson

Chris and Monica Cohan

Cynthia Chase

David and Katie McLellan

Dawn Blasberg

Doug and Rebecca Leibinger

Dustan and Alexis Diaz

Dwayne and Margaret Romero

Dyan Bronstein

Eden Henschel

Elizabeth Nix

Elizabeth Sargent & Tomas Franceschi

Ellen Dube

Erica Delak

Glenn & Shannon Andrews

Graeme Morris and Toni Courtenay

Gregory and Kathryn McManus

Gyles Thornely

Heather and Todd duBoef

Heather Kenny

Heather Macdonald

Janette Buchanan

Jamie Kravitz

Jenny Connery

Jenny & Charlie MacArthur

Jill Friedley and Brody Hall

Jill Hoffeller

John and Jeannie Seybold

Karina and Jason Creamer

Kelly and Emily Boggs


Kim and Paddy Allen

Kristin and Greg Balko

Kroger Market

Lara and Marc Whitley

Lisa Turchairelli

Lyndsey Haynie

Marilyn & Jeff Seltzer

Mark Joseph

Mark Matheny

Maureen and Gregory Poschman

Michelle Hurley

Naomi Smith

Nora and Joseph Taylor

Pam & Andy Munves

Paula (Rice) Peck

Rachel Levy and Mack Bailey

Randall and Allison Bone

Rebecca Paschal

Richard & Pip Pryor

Rick & Meredith Carroll

Robert and Meghan Holmes

Robert Michelin


Sandra and Fred Peirce

Sarah and Adam Roy

Sarah and Paul Sohn

Sarah S Ward

Sarah Sachs

Sarajane Foreman

Scott and Elvie Ormond

Steve and Kristen Fitzgerald

Steve Waldeck

Sue and Ron Hopkinson

Tami Solondz

Wojcik Family Fund

Thomas & Michelle Sherlock

Todd and Wendy Mitchell

Trish Hirsch

Whitney Stalker