The Educational Experience at ASD: College Counseling

The Aspen High School College Counseling Program is dedicated to helping students consider options and achieve admission to the college of their choice. The college counseling staff is committed to every student and family, no matter the level of readiness for college or career planning. Their goal is to enable students to discover (and realize!) their potential and possibilities for the future. Counselors help identify the programs that are a good fit for each student, assist with the tricky application process and help families find the financial aid they need.


Building relationships is the heart and soul of the program. Whether they are guiding students, advising parents, collaborating with teachers, connecting with admissions directors on the college side, or learning and sharing best practices with peers in the profession, the college counseling staff is continuously developing relationships that empower them to share their expertise and knowledge with students and their families.

The program provides 150 hours of service to students over their four years at Aspen High School.  This is more than 200 times the national average of 37 minutes. Each student is offered educational evening meetings and workshops, college readiness classes and individual counseling over the course of four years.  The results are phenomenal: 96% of AHS graduates in 2017 moved on to a two-year or four-year college program.


What are the needs of the College Counseling Program?

Through the support of AEF, the College Counseling Program was able to provide a second counselor and office coordinator, as well as fund a College & Career Discovery class, all of which has elevated the access students have to college counseling and career planning.

Additional funding would enable:  

  • Professional development to continue to improve staff and keep them on top of industry standards and best practices
  • Professional development to continue to improve staff and keep them on top of industry standards and best practices

  • College readiness programs for first-generation students and their families, additional financial aid and scholarship education, test preparation and more
  • Improvement of outreach, education and services to meet the increasing demands of students as they prepare for their post-secondary future
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“One of the most frequent comments we hear about our office is, ‘We are so grateful to have you. We can’t imagine what we would do without you!’ Our families benefit immeasurably from our guidance, wisdom and experience as they navigate the complicated landscape of admissions, applications and postsecondary choices. They know that we are here to help them discover options and achieve their dreams.” Dr. Kathy Klug, College Counselor

“A comprehensive and holistic approach to College Counseling enables students to not just get accepted to college, but to actually go to a college that fits their needs in every way. College Counseling empowers students to go for it - to apply themselves at school and in the community, starting in 9th grade, so that they have plenty of choices by the time they graduate.” Melissa Lustig, College Counselor