Brooke Bedingfield tells us 4 reasons why Flamingo is a vital part of our school community:

1. We greatly appreciate all of the sponsors, donors and volunteers, who helped to make this event one of the most successful ever.

2. In Aspen, we are very fortunate to have a generous community that recognizes the value of our public schools and the commitment of our dedicated teachers and staff members.

3. Our teachers are our heroes.  One of the goals of Flamingo is to celebrate and award their excellence and dedication to our children.

4.  In celebrating AEF’s 25 years, we felt it was important to honor those in the community, who have changed the landscape in Aspen around education. At Flamingo, we were delighted to recognize the founders of AEF, Jeanette Darnauer, Kathy Hegberg, and Peter Van Domelen, and the Moore family for their many contributions to our schools.

2017 Flamingo Facts

500 attended the sold-out Flamingo gala at the St. Regis on January 14th this year. 

Flamingo was an enormous success due to the work of co-chairs Marc Ganzi and Lexie Brockway Potamkin, the AEF staff, parents, teacher and community volunteers, and the many sponsors who donated time, money and items.

Flamingo honored the Aspen School District teachers for their commitment to our students.

More than $700,000 was raised for the school district programs, teachers and administrators around Flamingo. This brings AEF closer to the annual goal of raising $1 million to fund programs and positions that make a real difference in Aspen public school education.

Twelve teachers and district support staff members were awarded Kellie Schenck awards for their passion and commitment to students.  They shared $100,000 in cash awards, generously funded  by Aspen philanthropist and local businessman Dick Butera.  

AEF also honored the founders of AEF:  Jeanette Darnauer, Kathy Hegberg, Peter Van Domelen, in addition to  the Moore Family-- who have contributed greatly to public school education in Aspen.