College Counselor Dr. Kathy Klug discusses the uniquely personal college admissions process at Aspen High School

As the co-founder of the Colorado Western Slope College Fair, College Counselor Dr. Kathy Klug is well known to college admissions officers across the country, who flock here by the hundreds in early October to meet college bound students from western Colorado. But Klug is best known as a shrewd, effective college advisor to every single AHS student. Along with her associates Melissa Lustig and Terry Rigney, Klug rules from her perch on the mezzanine above the AHS commons and wants her students to make thoughtful, informed decisions about college.

Kathy Klug identifies the four factors that differentiate the college counseling office at AHS from just about any other in the country.  

#1- We believe that each kid counts. Nobody falls through the cracks because we believe that every student has a unique story and the potential to identify a school where they will thrive. We make sure we match the place with the student. In a sense, we act as matchmakers--and we hope to match our knowledge of place with each student’s hopes and dreams. It’s a very personal college application process here at AHS.

#2 - 86% of our graduating seniors request and receive financial aid of some form. We try to match place with the probability that there will be some financial aid for our students. Very few families can write a $65,000 check every year for four years and our kids are no different.  We try to be helpful guides in this tricky process.

#3 - We believe that every student should go to college. We encourage every student to apply to college and firmly believe that when our students start to see the possibilities, they probably will go to college. Statistics show that there is a million dollar earning difference between a high school degree and a college degree. We want our students to be solid citizens, but also we want them to be sustainable citizens. We would like for them to have the chance to have a home, a family and a good job. Every student should be able to access college and get accepted--and it’s our job to make that happen.

#4 - The college fair allows our kids to start shopping for their future. It’s our mission to expose our students to an inspiring array of possibilities.