There will be two ballot questions around funding for education on November 8, 2016:

  • Renewal of City of Aspen 0.3% sales tax expected to raise $1,700,000.

Why should we care? The Aspen School District deficit is almost $1M this school year, and will be $2.3M - $2.9M per year for the next 5 years if these ballot initiatives do not pass.  This will negatively impact class sizes, programming, and the attraction & retention of teachers.

What can we do?  

  1. Vote! 
  2. Please spread the word.

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Did You Know?

Information for 2A/2D


  • ·         2A (SMV), when passed, will bring $500,000 to the Aspen School Distrct for the next 5 years
  •  2A (SMV), when passed, will be a property tax for SMV property owners

  •  2A (SMV), when passed, will cost residential property owners approximately $80/per $1,000,000 in property value

  • 2A (SMV) will be a new property tax, taxed at 1/mil

  • The Droste Tax, a Town of Snowmass Village tax, is set to end next year and is a 1/mil tax

  • 4 out of the 5 Town of SMV Board Members, including the Mayor, voted yes to put the 2A question on the ballet

  •  2D (Aspen), when renewed, will bring in approximately $1.9 million for the next 5 years

  •  2D (Aspen), when renewed, will renew a city sales tax that has already been in place for 4 years

  •  2D (Aspen), when renewed, will not increase Aspen sales tax

  • 2D (Aspen), when renewed, is a .3% tax on all goods sold in the City of Aspen

  •   If 2A & 2D don’t pass the school will face a budget shortfall between $2.3 million to $2.9 million dollars

  •   Around 82% of the District’s budget is salaries and benefits. Any sizeable budget deficit directly affects teachers and staff!

  • Class sizes, educational offerings (programs), and retention of our teachers/staff may be affected if 2A & 2D don’t pass

  •   As many as 28% (a quarter) of our Aspen School District students receive some kind of additional education support from support staff

  •  The State of Colorado funded only 15% of the total cost of special education needs for the ’15-’16 school year.

  •  The State of Colorado ranks 42nd in the nation in per-pupil funding and is not funding its full obligation to school districts statewide. The gap must be filled locally with measures such as 2A & 2D

  • The Aspen School District receives no Marijuana Tax dollars.

  • The marijuana tax dollars go to a program called the Colorado BEST Grant which can only be used for the construction of new schools as well as general construction and renovation of existing school facility systems and structures. It is not available to fund the general needs of a school district.

  • The Aspen Schools offer a matrix of educational opportunities which encapsulates learning for the Whole Child such as: Robotics, Aero Program, Choir, Outdoor Education, Theatre, Computer Programming and Coding, Instrumental Music, Digital Art Lab, Jr. Achievement, College Counseling, Intervention Specialists, IB courses and Diploma, Athletics, Performing Arts, Ascent, Environmental Education

  •  The Aspen IB program is an open enrollment program, offering 13 different subjects, with over 200 students enrolled in at least one IB class

  • The Aspen High School maintains a strong graduation and college matriculation rate. 

  • Over 93% of last year’s AHS graduates went on to national and international post-secondary institutions.

  • The College Outreach College Fair, brings in more than 250 college admission representatives from all over the nation and beyond. The event also services 1000’s of students across the Western Slope each year and happens as a result of our dedicated college counseling team and supporters.

  •   For the first time, this year a team from the Aspen First Lego League took 1st place in a statewide completion. 

  • The Aspen team, made up of 7th graders, was one of only 20, out of over 10,000 teams around the world, asked to present their ideas in Washington DC at the Global Innovation Award Competition.

  •  The AMS Jazz Ensemble performed in the Colorado West Invitational Festival (the largest music festival in the state), garnering a Superior rating for its performance