The Lift interview

Aspen School District teachers Sarah Graber and Becky Oliver discuss the AEF mission

Q & A : Brooke Bedingfield

Brooke Bedingfield tells us 4 reasons why Flamingo is a vital part of our school community.


Tune in and listen to Jeffrey Gorsuch and Brooke Bedingfield as they discuss the importance of having an excellent K-12 education and its impact on the community.

Q & A: Caroline Hanson

Caroline Hanson identifies four factors unique to the Robotics program at AMS

Aspen Public Radio Non-Profit Spotlight of the Month: Aspen Education Foundation

For the month of November 2016, Aspen Education Foundation is APR's "non-profit in the spotlight." AEF board members Raifie Bass and Jeffrey Gorsuch were interviewed, along with Dr. Kathy Klug, AHS college counseling, and Brooke Bedingfield, AEF Executive Director. The interviews can be heard on APR on Mondays at 9 am, Wednesdays at noon, and Fridays at 5:45 pm. Listen to the aired programs below. 

College Fair

It’s that time of year again! With the direction of Dr. Kathy Klug, the college counseling team and...

Q & A : Kathy Klug

College Counselor Dr. Kathy Klug, discusses the uniquely personal college admissions process at Aspen High School