Our goal is to create funding for financial stability and transformational education opportunities for the present and the future.  

We support:

  • Programs and positions that create special educational opportunities.
  • Programs and positions that create special education opportunities.
  • A commitment to attracting and retaining talented educators.
  • Growth within our schools and programs.
  • Capital investment on the Aspen School District campus. 
  • Creating the best possible academic and community experience for Aspen students and their families.         


AEF distributes grants through an application and review process.  Funds are distributed from either our annual fund (current use dollars) or our endowment (funds to exist in perpetuity).  In 2016, the AEF Board of Directors established the Grants & Education Committee, whose responsibilities include understanding the financial and programmatic needs of the Aspen School District and reviewing grant applications.  All final grant decisions are presented to the AEF Executive Committee OR the AEF Board of Directors for approval.  The AEF Board of Directors is comprised of parents, educators, and community members. 

AEF will review grant applications from the following:

Aspen School District leaders and administrators

AEF grants support priority needs, programs, and positions that are not fully funded by the state.

Aspen School District educators / staff

AEF supports educators and staff through grant distributions such as teacher and staff awards, and funding for classroom needs, professional development, potential housing support and other specific requests.

Aspen Promise students

An endowed fund, Aspen Promise closes the financial gap between what students receive from federal, state, and institutional grants and the cost of attendance at their intended college. In order for students to qualify for Aspen Promise funds, they must demonstrate they have exhausted all other financial options. Aspen Promise is a gap closer; the last stop. Note: Applications will be vetted through the College Counseling Department.

Members advocating for / seeking funds to manage a community campaign

Examples include funding for a sales tax initiative, campaign supporting policies on education, or other community or tax initiatives related to education.

Other potential grant recipients

Others applying for grants must first contact the Aspen Education Foundation for approval prior to submitting a grant application.


2015-2016 Grant Recipients included:

The Aspen School District to fund 10 positions and 14 programs:

Aspen Community School Literacy & Math  $50,000 • Teacher classroom needs TBD

Aspen Elementary School • Technology  $66,500 • Reading Program $25,750 • Teacher classroom needs TBD

Aspen Middle School • Academic Support Program $66,500 • Ascent (Gifted & Talented) Program $67,980 • Teacher classroom needs TBD

Aspen High School • College Counseling Program $92,700 • Best Practices Review $57,000 • Lunch Supervision $5,000 • IB Certifications $10,000 • ExEd Certifications $10,000 • Computer Science – Programming & Coding Program $34,000 • Teacher classroom needs TBD

Aspen School District • Teacher Development $25,000 • Robotics/Ascent Program $34,000


Aspen School District

If a donor directs a gift to a specific area outside of the district's list of priority needs, the Aspen Educational Foundation will submit the proposed contribution to the Aspen School District prior to accepting the gift. The Aspen School District will have sole approval of such directed gifts through an extensive review and approval process.     

Other Grant Recipients

If a donor directs a gift to a grant recipient outside the Aspen School district, the Aspen Education Foundation will have sole approval of such directed gifts through a review and approval process.