Donor List

Aspen Education Foundation (AEF) partners with the Aspen School District (ASD) and the Board of Education to ensure that the funds raised by AEF best support the needs of our students, educators, the district, and the community at large.   We thank all of our 2016-2017 school year donors!

Friends (up to $249)

Visionaries ($20,000 and above)

Chad and Heather Abraham

Jon and Lori Anderson

Rachel Levy and Mack Bailey

Chris Basten

Sarah Beesley 

Ariel and Dinah Bejarano

Sarah Benson

Kiffor Berg

Dana and Joshua Berro

Daphney Rose Bitanga

Betsy Black 

Bill and Nancy Boyd

Tom Bramson 

Margaret Kuennen Breen 

Kelley Brenninger 

Susan Budsey

Lori Calcott

Paula and John Canning 

Kelsey K Carder

Chris and Stan Cheo

Jennifer Childress

Lisa Chiles 

Kylie Collins 

Brian Connelly and Lise Adams

Amy Cord 

Amy and Michael Coyle 

Eily Cummings

Laurie Crown and Rick Ortega

Meg and Dan Dangler Jr. 

Land Design 39

Jay and Holly Dewire 

Paul and Lisa DiMento

Michael and Amy Doherty 

Bente Doolan

Stephanie Drake

Amy Dreller

Ellen Dube

Lyssa Duncan

Camilla Earl 

Jodie Eklund

Andrew Ellis 

Kay Erickson

John Fisher 

Kenan Forman 

Stuart and Katie Fox 

David and Kate Fuentes 

Stephanie Gianneschi 

Jim Gilchrist and Lynn Nichols

Mark Godomsky

Stephen Goldenberg

Kristi Gomez

Amy Gray

Christine and Ian Gray

Robin and Shelly Hamill

Kim Hanson and Deborah Konig 

Tom and Diane Heald

Christopher and Stefani Heaphey

Steve Heldt 

Lisa May Howard

Molly Johnson

Chris Keleher 

Peter and Sue Kelley

Jay and Kari Kiker 

Kimberly Knol  

Jim and Jamie Kravitz

Kroger Market 

Mark and Rae Lampe

John and Kristen Lassalette 

Georgina and Alan Levey 

Maureen Licursi

Jennifer Liddington and Rock Goss

Jeffrey Loda

Vivian Long

Catherine Lutz

Jenny MacArthur

Patsy Malone

Amanda and Robert Martin 

Katherine Sand and Scott Martin

Claire McDougall and Paul Jones

Mark and Susan McKeller 

Cory Lowe and Sara Mercanti 

Anita Moose 

Ileana Morales

Johanna Mueller 

Narendra and Tharyn Mulberry

Mark and Lauren Munger

Jose Manuel Munoz

Pam and Andy Munves

Tara and Nathan Nelson

Dewayne and JoAnn Niebur

Lauren Nitti

Mary Jane Nunes

Rebecca Oliver 

Laura and Stefan Palmberg

Nancy Pearce and Bob McDonough

Christie Potter

Mary Tarver Reid

Stephanie and Larry Rickel

Anna and John Rigney

Tana Rinaldi 

Shawn Rios and Eric Mead

Juan Rios and Mei Luong

Thomas and Angela Rittenhouse

Craig Rogers

Amy Rudner Gray

Michael Rueggeberg

Natasha Russ

Heather and Ned Ryerson 

Michael Sailor 

Araceli Salido

Curt and Catherine Sanders

Kevin and Rhonda Sauer

Suzanne Scheer and Chuck Brown 

Jennifer Schmidt 

Jay Schultz 

B. Lee Schumacher

Janis and John Searing 

Kimberly Simon

Amy Simon

Kris Sinko

Anda and Ryan Smalls

Susanne C Somers

Silke Spang

Allison Spayd

Karrin and David Stoll 

Sarah Strassburger

Anne Teague

Jacqueline Tergeoglou

Susan Terra

Suzy Theriot 

Gary Vavra

Dulce Vigil

Christopher Wheatley

Andre and Julie Wille 

Stephanie Williams 

Tameira Wilson 

Jill Winkler 

Hallee Winnie

Wendy Wogan 

Charles and Louise Wolf

Marla Wulf

Margaret Woodward 


Joseph and Virginia Baker

Suzanne Bober and Stephen Kahn

Bruce Etkin

John and Jessica Fullerton

Marc Ganzi

Jared and Michelle Goldberg

Beth and Josh Mondry 

Lexie and Robert Potamkin

John and Jeannie Seybold

Katie Kissane and Paul Viola 

Lenny "Boogie" Weinglass 


Benefactors ($10,000-$19,999)

Scott and Tami Akin

Alpine Bank

Carlos Angelini

Chuck and Marni Bond

David Chazen

Shireen Cohen 

Joan and Rodger Gurrentz

Mark Hunt

Mike and Laura Kaplan 

RBC Capital Markets

Bari and Ken Ramberg

Emily and Rich Simeone

Elizabeth Slossberg and Jeff Posey

Paul and Sarah Sohn 

Michelle and Kenneth Stiller 

Juliette Shield-Taylor


Patrons ($2,500-$9,999)


James Aresty

Kristin and Greg Balko

Michele and Raifie Bass

Marla and Larry Butler

Clarks Market

Dustan and Alexis Diaz

Michelle Dioguardi

Mark and Hunter Friedland

Lacy Fyrwald

Nicole Giantonio and Jim Horowitz

Debbie Gilbert 

David Gitlitz

Jeffrey Gorsuch

Kurt and Anne Hall

Matthew Hamilton

The Helen J. & Allen I. Hunting Foundation

Tanner Kirsch

Bonnie and Joseph Kowar

Diana Duffey and Vince Lahey

Doug and Rebecca Leibinger

Daylene and Gary Lichtenwalter

Kelly and Karen Locke

Paul MacCaskill

Kamala Marsh

Jennifer Meij

Bruce Mielke

Todd and Wendy Mitchell

Morgan Family Fund of the Jewish Community Foundation

Andee Morris

Esther and Craig Navias 

Jonathan Nickell

Austin Peirce and Smith Trust

Sara Ransford

Nina and Joshua Saslove

Peggy Scharlin and Shlomo Ben-Hamoo

Brad and Kimberly Schlosser 

Jan Soderberg 

Jessica and Jason Stoller 

Victoria Tobia and Sean Sunkel

Anne Uhlfelder

Tanya and Richard Wojcik


Partners ($500-$2,499)

Alana and Blake Appleby

Craig Barnes

Allen Bedford and Jodi Jacobson

Brooke Bedingfield

Jenny Beltman

Cathy and Marc Berne

Mark Blodgett

Allison and Randall Bone

Kitty Boone

Deborah Breen

Brittingham Family 

Sarah Broughton and John Rowland

Donna and Kenton Bruice 

Kellie and William Carlson

Michael and Natalie Carricarte

Coley and Annie Cassidy

K and Mark Cesark

Ken and Leslie Citron

Judd Clarence

Lara Chase Compton

Ashley and Mike Connolly 

Charles Cunniffe and Angela Seaman

Kristin Dittmar

Rebecca and Joe Driscoll

Diana and Jared Ettlinger

Robert Fergus 

First Western Bank 

Steve and Kristen Fitzgerald

Tim and Ginna Francis 

Matthew Freedman

Elaine and Gordon Gerson

Naoma Gleason 

Daniel Goldman 

Adam Goldsmith 

Lori and Michael Gurtman

David Guthrie

Caroline and Peter Hanson 

Bill Hegberg

Jamie and Bush Helzberg 

Reese Henry & Company, Inc.

Sacha Hinderberger

Meghan and Robert Holmes

Robert and Katie Holton 

Chonnie and Paul Jacobson

Mark and Nete Joseph

Karla and Jonathan Kelly

Alexandra and Scott Kendrick 

Patricia Kenner 

Heather Kenny 

Ivonne and Dennis Klemming 

Terri and Mike Knode

Cari Kuhlman 

Lisa and Scott Lambert

Darryl and Renee Mackie

John and Lori Maloy

Roger and Susan Marolt 

Heidi Mellin

Mary Ellen Moore

Lee Mulcahy

Steven and Tina Multin 

Mark Nevins

Kirsten and Penn Newhard

Jennifer and Adam Olson

Ruth Owens 

Donna Peak

Jeffrey and Dawn Pendarvis 

Ali and David Phillips

Maureen and Gregory Poschman

Steve Psaledakis

Chad and Audra Quist 

Gabrielle Rafelson

Reese Henry & Co

Dwayne and Margaret Romero 

Elizabeth Sargent and Tomas Franceschi

Amanda Scott

Jeff and Marilyn Seltzer 

Richard and Sarah Shaw

John Silich

Bradley and Jennifer Smith 

Robin and Kenny Smith

Nancy Snedeker

Heather Stevenson

Alan Tralins 

JB and Alicia Turbidy 

Peter and Robin Van Domelen

Sarah Ward

Holly Willson


Contributors ($250-$499)

Vivian Blizzard

Mark Campisi

Jennifer Causing and Peter Waanders

David Chazen

Heather and Daryl Cramer

Tracy Dickerman and Jeff White

Kim and Peter Estock

Kristine Ferguson 

Shelly Fields

Joshua Fink

Paul and Sabine Fowler

Jacquelyn Francis

John and Robin Galambos

Stacey and Tony Green 

Charlene and Dan Guggenheim

Marshall and Julie Hall 

Wendy Harris 

Shari Havourd

Brittany Hoefert

Elizabeth and Keith Howie

Lori Hughes

Heather Hutto

Heather and Kris Kaplinski

Thea Wojtkowski and Waqqar Khan-Farooqi

Warren and Kathy Klug

Eva and Vance Lemley

Darryl and Renee Mackie

Anne McPhee

Monika Montalbano

Michael and Valerie Pearce

Susan and Bill Plummer

Dominic and Kim Popish

Jennifer Ramberg 

Lynn Russell 

Michelle and Thomas Sherlock

Sally Shiekman-Miller

Matthew Smith

Tami Solondz

Holly and Steve Tullar

Deborah Walson

Tracy Dickerman and Jeff White

Lara and Marc Whitley

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Thank you to our partners.