Donor List

Aspen Education Foundation (AEF) partners with the Aspen School District (ASD) and the Board of Education to ensure that the funds that AEF raises best supports the needs of our students, educators, the district, and the community at large.   

L - Z

A - K

Lisa and Scott Lambert

Mark and Rae Lampe

Eva and Vance Lemley

Georgina and Alan Levey

Gary and Daylene Lichtenwalter

Jennifer Liddington and Rock Goss

Donald Lifer

James and Lisa Lillie

Billy and Natasha Linn

Lisa Chiles

Kelly and Karen Locke

Jeffrey Loda

Melissa Long

Lori Calcott

Kimbrough Lowrance

Wendy Lucas

Stuart Lusk and Julie Mandt

Melissa Lustig

Catherine Maas

Jenny MacArthur

Edgar Machuca and Yanira Funes

William and Deborah Madsen

Jamie Mahaffey

Denise Malcolm

Patsy Malone

John and Lori Maloy

Rose Manzo

Margulf Foundation

Roger and Susan Marolt

Bill and Christy Maron

Kimberly Martin

Scott Martin and Katherine Sand-Martin

Mary Jane Nunes

Katie McAllister

Claire McDougall and Paul Jones

Mary Jo McGuire

Mark and Susan McKeller

Anne Marie McPhee

Tamme Mellenthin

Sara Mercanti and Cory Lowe

Joyce Meredith

Michael and Natalie Carricarte

Bruce Mielke

Andy Mill

Todd and Wendy Mitchell

Josh and Beth Mondry

Joyce Monforte

Laura Moore

Anita Moose

Jesus and Lucia Morales

Michael Morgan and Kerstin Lundholm

Ric and Susanne Morrison

Johanna Mueller

Patricks E. Mullins

Mark and Lauren Munger

Patrick and Tracy Murtagh

Nicole Nagel-Gogolak

Shannon Nagle

Esther Navias

Katherine Neblett

Jonathan and Adrienne Nelson

Lauren Nitti

Morgan and Tim O'Connell

CJ Oliver

Rebecca K. Oliver

Michael and Lisa O'Sullivan

Christopher Palasz and Silvana Cura

Laura and Stefan Palmberg

Paul Pariser

David and Elizabeth Parker

Rebecca Paschal

Michelle Payne

Michael and Valerie Pearce

Nancy Pearce and Bob McDonough

Sandra and Fred Peirce

Jeffrey and Dawn Pendarvis

Allison Perry

Timothy and Allison Perry

Chris and Jenni Petersen

Lindsay and Gary Pfaffmann

Dennis and Layla Philen

Ali and David Phillips

Shaun and Crystal Phillips

William Plunkett White IV

Jill Pomeroy

Dominic and Kim Popish

Maureen and Gregory Poschman

Lexie and Robert Potamkin

Matt Power

Michael and Lisa Puder

Rebekah and Jonathan Pullis

Chad and Audra Quist

Gabrielle Rafelson

Tom and Catherine Reagan

Tim and Lysa Reed

Hunt Rettig

Tana Rinaldi

Shawn Rios and Eric Mead

Julia Roark

Robert Fergus

Kenn and Vernon Roberts

Kevin Roberts

Robins Foundation

Elliott and Gretchen Robinson

Sonya and Marcos Rodriguez

Thomas and Charlotte Roennau

Craig A. Rogers

Kimberly Rogers

Dwayne and Margaret Romero

Adam and Piper Rothberg

Amy Rudner Gray

Lynn Russell

David and Martha Rybak

Heather and Ned Ryerson

Theresa Sachdeva

Roy Savage

Karen and Ronald Schaftel

JM Schapiro

Peggy Scharlin and Shlomo Ben-Hamoo

Kellie Schenck

Curtis Schwab

Richard and Elizabeth Schwartz

Anna and Bert Scott

Joseph Scott

Janis and John Searing

Ginette Sebenaler

Chris and Lynne Seeman

Jeff Seltzer

John and Jeannie Seybold

Richard and Sarah Shaw

Clare Sheedy

Michelle and Thomas Sherlock

Anthony and Rachel Sherman

Juliet Shield-Taylor

John Silich and Mirjam Rosner

Emily and Rich Simeone

Amy Simon

Kimberly Simon

Elizabeth Slossberg and Jeff Posey

Robert and Jeanne Small

Anda and Ryan Smalls

Steve and Kara Smart

Robin and Kenny Smith

Nancy Snedeker

Snowmass Acquisition Company

Jeffery Soffer

Lauren Solheim

Sara and Larry Soller

Silke Spang

Allison Spayd

Joseph Spears

Heather Steenge-Hart

Stephen Goldenberg

Steve Psaledakis

Brian and Sarah Stevens

Heather Stevenson

Michelle and Kenneth Stiller

Karrin and David Stoll

Jessica Stoller

Trudy Strassburger

Robin and Pete Strecker

Jon and Stacey Stuart

Suzy Theriot

Jennifer and Jeremy Swanson

Kent Swig

Charlie Tarver

Nora and Joseph Taylor

Susan Terra

The Arches Foundation

The Austin Memorial Foundation

The Brady Foundation

The Helen J. & Allen I. Hunting Foundation

The Leonard G. Klima Foundation Fund

The Salmon Foundation

The Tierney Family Foundation INC

The William F. O'Connor Foundation

Thea and Waqqar Khan-Farooqi

Thomas Genshaft Cramer, LLP

Gregory and Ripley Thomas

Natasha Thomas

Christian and Cerena Thomsen

Karen and Gyles Thornely

Doug and Amy Throm

Jonathan and Cathy Tick

Cathy and Michael Tierney

David Tolen

Angeles Torres and Peter Anzalone

Anthony and MaryAnne Travers

Carrie Trippe

Holly and Steve Tullar

Jennifer and Michael Tullar

Chris and Jackie Tyler

Anne Uhlfelder

David R. Victor

Stacy and Steven Vidamour

Katie Kissane and Paul Viola

Charlie and Kendyll Vresilovic

Julie Wagner

Kirk Wagner

Richard Walterscheid

Sarah S Ward

Debbie Webb

Tod Wehse

Wells Fargo Foundation Educational Matching Gift Program

Carrie and Joe Wells

Christopher Wheatley

Rosie and Ross Andrews Whipple

Eve and Mark Whiston

Wendalin Whitman

John and Juliet Wilcox

Andre and Julie Wille

William F. O'Connor Foundation

Holly Willson

Lisa Wilson

Jill Winkler

Richard Wojcik

Charles and Louise Wolf

Margaret Woodward

Scott and Suzanne Writer

Jimmy Yeager

Marcie Zlotnik

Katie Abbott

Chad and Heather Abraham

Salem and Ruth Ann Abraham

Alison and Smith Agley

Kim Allen

Lawrence and Joan Altman

Betsy Ann and Charlie Anastas

Christina A. Anderson

Jon and Lori Anderson

Julie Anderson-Hoffner

Alana and Blake Appleby

James Aresty

Ashley and Mike Connolly

Jeremy Assalone and Christine Morris-Assalone

Lisa and George Baker

Kristin and Greg Balko

Robert and Cara Balogh

Jeremy Barbin

Bari and Ken Ramberg

Raifie and Michele Bass

Robert and Colleen Beasley

Rachel Beck

Brooke Bedingfield

Sarah Beesley

Peggy Behr

Ariel and Dinah Bejarano

Sarah M Benson

Bente Doolan

Jennifer and James Benvenuto

Lori and Bruce Berman

Dana and Joshua Berro

Alex Biemans

Sandie and Archer Bishop

Wendy and Michael Blakeslee

Darly and John Blatz

Esther Blom-Geiser

Suzanne Bober and Stephen Kahn

Chuck and Marni Bond

Ken Boucher and Lisa Boucher-Stewart

Bob Bowden

Courtney Boyd

Maggie Breen

Killeen Brettmann

Brenda and Jim Brokamp

Molly Brooks

Sarah Broughton

Donna Bruice

Jennifer Bruno

Christopher Bryan

Liz and Brooks Bryant

Janette Buchanan

Susie Budsey

Rich and Roberta Burkley

Michael Burns

Alan and Lisa Bush

Michael Buysse

Rob Cairncross

Scott Calliham and Mary Courtney Wine

Paula and John Canning

Jim and Michele Cardamone

Antonio and Audelia Carreno

Meredith Carroll

Amy Carter

John and Julie Case

Coley and Annie Cassidy

Robert Chapman

Cynthia Chase

David Chazen

Adam and Mary Cherry

Trace and Bill Chesner

Anna Cheyne

Robert and Candice Christensen

Kenneth and Leslie Citron

Kara and Tim Clark

Tom and Megan Clark

Clarks Market

Jill S. Cohen

Richard and Elise Cohen

Kylie A. Collins

Brian Connelly and Lise Adams

Jenny Connery

Mary Virginia Cooper

Amy Cord

Cornerstone Property Management

Kristin Coulon

Amy and Michael Coyle

Daryl and Heather Cramer

Karina and Jason Creamer

Guillaume and Joanie Crete

Art and Allison Daily

Dan and Meg Dangler Jr.

Prosser and Megan David

Robert and Regina de Wetter

Delaware Community Foundation

Leslie and Tom DeRosa

Tripp Devers

Jay and Holly Dewire

Dustan and Alexis Diaz

Tracy Dickerman and Jeff White

Anjuli DiMaria

Paul and Lisa DiMento

Michael and Amy Doherty

Julia and Allen Domingos

Sheldon Doolan

Julia and Justin Douglas

Diana Duffey

Lyssa H. Duncan

Sheri and Michael Dunn

Camilla Earl

Amy and Ed Easton

Llwyd and Patricia Ecclestone III

Joseph Edwards III

Robert (Bubba) and Tracy Eggleston

Jodie Eklund

Elizabeth Sargent and Tomas Franceschi

Christopher and Audrey Ellis

Maurice Emmer

Kay Erickson

Kim and Peter Estock

Diana and Jared Ettlinger

Eugene and Sheila Mondry Family Foundation

Emily Farrell

Mary Lou and Mary Lou Farrell

Kristy Farrey

Jami Lee and James Ferraro

Marcelo Ferreira and Colleen Delia

Steven and Juliette Ferrell

Joshua Fink


John Fisher

Kristen Fitzgerald

Ami Flynn

Kenan Forman

Peter Fornell

Michelle Fox

Stuart and Katie Fox

Ginna and Tim Francis

Mark and Hunter Friedland

Katy and Adam Frisch

David and Kate Fuentes

John and Jessica Fullerton

Ernie and Lacy Fyrwald

Robin Galambos

Giuseppe and Connie Garofalo

Jonathan Geller

Benjamin Genshaft and Alyssa Shenk

Elaine and Gordon Gerson

Debbie Gilbert

Jim Gilchrist and Lynn Nichols

Ephraim Gildor

Bob and Carolyn Glah

Katherine and Shawn Gleason

Daniel Goldman

Doreen Goldyn

Kristi J Gomez

Kelly Gordon

Robin Grathwol

Christine and Ian Gray

Stacey and Tony Greene

James and Emily Gregg

Leticia and Michele Grendene

Anne and Mark Grice

Helene Gude

Charlene and Dan Guggenheim

Joan and Rodger Gurrentz

Lori and Michael Gurtman

Michael and Lisa Haisfield

Lyssa Haldeman

Kurt and Anne Hall

Marshall and Julie Hall

Robin and Shelly Hamill

Matt Hamilton

Adam Hancock

Roger and Sara Haneman

Eric and Kelly Hansen

Caroline Hanson

Nathan and Jodie Hanson

Peter K Hanson

Brett Hartley

Shane Harvey and Carolyne Heldman

Emily Harvier

Shari Havourd

Brigid and Brian Hazen

Tom and Diane Heald

Heather Kenny

Carolynn Heil

Steve Heldt

Chris and Wendy Hendrickson

Morgan Henschke

Ashton Hewitt

Michelle Hilburn

Connie Holcomb

David and Jennifer Hollander

Roger Hollowell

Robert and Katie Holton

Richard and Teri Hooper

Hotel Jerome

Cinnamon Hughes

Lori Hughes

Mark Hunt

Easy Street Accounting Services INC

Michael Ireland

Jerrod and Margaret Iverson

Franchon Jacobson

Jared and Michelle Goldberg

Jennifer Meij

Jerome and Lorraine Aresty Foundation

W Jewelers

Kerri and Derek Johnson

Samantha Johnston

Mark and Nete Joseph

Terri Jungquist

Mike and Laura Kaplan

Heather and Kris Kaplinski

David and Heather Katzman

Annette Keller

David and Tanja Kelly

Gary and Chris Kelly

Jonathan Kelly

Alex Kendrick

Chris and Donna King

Julie Kirkwood

Kirsten and Penn Newhard

Kirstin and Brian Johnson Klein

Warren and Kathy Klug

Dana and Amy Knight

Kimberly Knol

Deborah Konig and Kim Hanson

James and Jamie Kravitz

George Kremer and Amy Ronay

Kroger Market

Cari Kuhlman

Ronda Kurz

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