Welcome to the Bahamas or Bust Contest page. Below are step-by-step instructions on how to enter! 


1 - Enter

Buy a contest entry for $30 by filling out the form below. It only takes 2 minutes! 


2 - Play

Type your answers to these two questions in the COMMENTS box below. 

·       What is the length of Aspen’s Silver Queen Gondola in feet?

·       What is the average number of steps it takes to hike the bowl at Aspen Highlands?


3 - WIN

Answer correctly for BOTH questions and win a 5-day Bahamas luxury yacht cruise for 6 guests complete with:

·       Fully-crewed 82 foot yacht

·       Personal chef

·       Jet skis, kayaks, fishing boat, SUPs and more

·       Estimated value $15,000


*** BONUS ***

Receive AEF’s latest trucker hat as a thank you for participating!

Note: If there are more than one participant who guess the correct number, there will be a final contest for the cruise.